David W. Hansen

David W. Hansen

Hey everyone! I’m a drummer, percussionist, songwriter/lyricist (BMI), a voting member of NARAS (Grammy’s), a father, and perform music …a lot.

You can see my “Garden District Trio” at Houston’s Restaurant, 1755 St. Charles Avenue every night! Yes, 7-nights-a-week since 2006 …over 14 years. I feature different jazz musicians throughout the week and keep our sound fresh, musical, creative and spontaneous. We might perform the same song on multiple nights, but with an altered rendition or different groove, style or feel, changing many nuances of how we interpret a song. …we love to do this and it makes this band very unique.

Mon to Thurs 6:30-9:00 p.m., Fri/Sat 6:45-9:45 p.m., and Sun 6:00-8:30 p.m.

The Garden District Band:

Yes, the trio increases in size …quartet, quintet, sextet, septet, …Hot Groove Eight or Hot Groove Nine! The Garden District Band was founded in 1994 and has performed from a small jazz combo or trio to a full group including or adding guitar, trumpet, alto sax, tenor sax, trombone, percussion, vibraphone, and male and/or female vocalists!!! This is an ever changing musical ensemble.

The Garden District Band Hot Groove Seven and Eight have performed annually at the French Quartet Festival for many years.

Another really fun ensemble is Hansen’s New Orleans Spice(R) Brass Band. This International Jazz Festival performing group falls into the category of a classic Brass Band performing the main Brass Band standards such as Bourbon Street Parade, When The Saints Go Marching In, Didn’t He Ramble, Whoopin’ Blues, Mardi Gras In New Orleans, along with the unique performances of Hansen’s original compositions interpreted in a brass band sound!

The New Orleans Spice(R) Brass Band has opened the Campeche International Jazz Festival for four consecutive years. They have performed in Canada; Venice, Italy; Istanbul, Turkey and many other locations. The NOSpice also performs many Weddings, Corporate and private functions in New Orleans.

Have a look around, book a drum lesson, call David for a recording session or to perform with your band (a local one-nighter or even a short road tour are considered), hire one of his many bands for your party or event, find out where he’s performing and come check him out “live” …a few of his other sites include NewOrleansJazz.com, HMPMusic.com, GardenDistrictBand.com, NewOrleansSpice.com and this site! …HansenJazz.com (another is his full big band: New Orleans Garden District Orchestra) …visit all and look around to see a pretty impressive amount of great music and diverse styles!